Undergrowth | Biome pack for TrueTERRAIN

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36 High Quality Photoscanned Assets

All assets are True-Terrain 4 and Asset Browser ready, meaning you can use these high quality assets directly in Blender, or using our impressive scatter system in True-Terrain.

The Assets


Tree Stumps




It's super easy to use

Whether it's as an asset library, or in True-Terrain!


Do I Need True-Terrain 4 To Use This?

Nope! This can be used either as a True-Terrain pack, or an asset library for theAsset Browser. True-Terrain does come with the benefits of having a scatter system to use with these packs, however.

Will More Content Be Added To This?

No. Our content packs will not have content added to them as free updates. Any and all content packs we release will be paid. It takes a lot of time and money to create these packs and ensure they're optimised and to the highest of quality.

Is This Asset Pack Ready For Any Other 3rd Party Tools?

Our asset packs will be available only as libraries for the Asset Browser, or for True-Terrain or our other tools.
We'll be making sure all our asset packs going forward are Asset Browser compatible so that any 3rd party tools that support the use of Asset Browser integration will support the use of our content packs.

How Resource Heavy Are These?

We've opted to ensure the most optimised and highest quality method we can for this and future packs.

All the assets are using WebP image textures for the best lossless conversion from heavy PNG files. This content pack using PNGĀ files was close to 18GB in size and is now closer to 5GB in size.

This and all future packs come in 3 resolutions: 2K, 4K and 8K. We chose to not include different mesh LODS for the objects as this has little to no impact on the size of the packs, but it also allows the end-user to modify the meshes to suit their needs.

Are These Eevee Compatible?

Yes! All these assets are compatible and optimsied to be used in Eevee. Although there are custom shaders with sliders for wetness and snow, these have been optimised so that Eevee can render these without any slowdown.

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True-VFX Refund Policy (Asset Pack)

Welcome to True-VFX, where we're dedicated to delivering exceptional Blender 3D addons and assets. We aim to surpass your expectations with every product. However, we recognize that sometimes things don't go as planned, and we're here to address such situations with fairness and integrity.

Refund Eligibility:

Not as Described: If an asset pack isn't as described on our platform or in promotional materials, you may qualify for a refund. Please provide a detailed account of the discrepancies, supported by evidence like screenshots or videos.

Proven Faults: For technical defects in the asset pack that significantly hinder its functionality and cannot be fixed, a refund may be issued. Document the fault in detail, including steps to replicate the issue and any relevant error messages or logs.

Scenarios Not Eligible for Refunds:

Change of Mind: We do not issue refunds for changes of mind. Please be sure the asset pack meets your requirements before purchasing.
Compatibility Issues: Check that your system aligns with our product specifications. Refunds for issues stemming from system incompatibility are not provided.
Misuse or Lack of Understanding: We cannot offer refunds for problems due to misuse or insufficient knowledge of the asset pack. We recommend utilizing our comprehensive user guides and tutorials.
Requesting a Refund:

To initiate a refund request, contact our support team at contact@true-vfx.com. Include your order number, a detailed explanation of the issue, and any supporting evidence. Submit refund requests within [insert time frame, e.g., 30 days] of purchase.

Decision Process:

Our team will review each refund request. We reserve the right to reject requests that do not adhere to this policy. Our decisions are final.

Need Help?

For questions about this policy or to discuss a refund, reach out to us at contact@true-vfx.com.

Last updated Jan 21, 2024

36 high quality photoscanned assets

3 assets
Tree Stumps:
5 assets
6 assets
Ground Debris:
11 assets
11 assets
2K, 4K, 8K
Render Engine:
Cycles | Eevee
Blender Version:
Royalty Free (cannot be resold, redistributed, shared in anyway. These do not fall under GPL regardless of them being designed for Blender) These are owned by True-VFX.
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Undergrowth | Biome pack for TrueTERRAIN

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